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Our Nonas taught us everything you need to know about baking: days should be filled with delicious treats, happy homemade moments and delightful confections.

Our grandmothers used sprinkles, nuts, powdered sugar, cookies, merengues, chocolates and rich creamy frostings to top each delightful creation. They brought recipes from Sicily, Calabria, Lake Cuomo and Hershey, Pennsylvania to their homes in the Rosegarden District and Willow Glen in San Jose CA. Fruits and vegetables played an important part of our table and lives. The Mirto family was involved with the cannery unions for over 75 years, leading union efforts for over 40. And the Silva family was involved in food machinery for 50. Our grandfather owned one of the patents on the plastic milk bottle! He also designed many others like the milk carton and the Eggo Waffles press! I guess you can say, we have it in our blood to get creative in the kitchen.

We create fresh deliciousness daily, just like Nona. Delights are made to order confections for your: office, party, wedding, baby shower and special event or just for your cookie jar - where family and friends can grab and enjoy. We love to help define the moments you savor the most. Our confections start with the finest ingredients, like rich fragrant vanilla, European chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate and the holy trinity of baking: sweet cream butter, flour and organic sugar. You won't find stale flavorless goods in our kitchen! We make everything fresh with the love and care our grandmothers instilled in us.

Our family culinary history has a long-term relationship with baked goods, jams, candies and other confections. We are happy to introduce our recipes, tried and tested in our kitchens, adapted for the novice, directly to you via our blog and Facebook page. Currently located in Downtown Willow Glen in Silicon Valley, CA., The Charming Kitchen was founded in 2014, after the Strega Cucina closed. Long live the Stregas!